Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rules #22: McMulti

Enhanced Audio - BGG Entry
  • Another one I played at the Gathering of Friends :)
  • An oldie, but fun to play. Lots of luck so deal with it!
  • Feel free to buy me a copy :)

Rules #21: Fischmarkt (Fish Market)

Enhanced Audio - BGG Entry
An auction/negotiation/economic game where players are buying and selling fish.
1. Catch of the Day: show what the fisherman have caught, and which fish are in demand today.
2. Auction Phase: blind auction for each boat's catch.
3. Haggling Phase: lots of fun in a free-form market between players.
4. Selling Phase: sell fish, make money, and don't throw away too many fish!
5. Cleanup: Reset play area, deposit all but $50 into the bank.
After 4 rounds, whoever has the most money (cash + bank) wins!