Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rules #26: Take Stock

Slideshow Review - BGG Listing

It's been a LONG time! I suppose I just got very busy: we did a LOT of traveling this year (check out my BGG year's end summary on my Gaming History Geeklist). I'm hoping to get back to doing these things more regularly. You can help me pick future games to discuss here (although I'm hoping to do Imperial next - what a great game!). Anyway, on with the show!

Disclosure: Review copy, sort of; Simon gave me a copy at BGG.CON 2006 (great event!) for being "Cheeky" - thanks!
  • A 60-minute game for 2-6
  • A stock game: build up portfolios of investments in 5 stocks; abstracted, but has a lot of stock-type features in the market events
  • It's closer to a traditional card game than other stock games like Pit or Wheedle: this will take you some time!
  • Lots of different events; takes a while to teach, but plays smoothly once you've seen the cards
  • Fun, but maybe a bit long? Depends on the players, I think: need to play QUICKLY!

All images come from Boardgamegeek.com


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