Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rules #24: GemBlo (Light)

Slideshow Review - BGG Link
  • Thanks to Tom Vasel for bringing a copy to Origins all the way from Korea!
  • This is exactly the same game as GemBlo, only smaller and not as pretty. I really prefer the look of the pieces in the original game (like cut gems) over this version, in which the pieces look like Blokus pieces.
  • Good abstract game, easy to teach. Blokus seems more intuitive, although that may simply be a matter of familiarity. This game also seems to have more legal plays (at least, early on) because every piece has MANY corners, whereas Blokus pieces only have a few corners to play off of ... so it's easy for people to start playing very quickly.
  • I'm still no good at these kinds of games!
  • Lastly, I know the music in the review isn't Korean ... but that's all I had in Garage Band!


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