Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rules: Colossal Arena

Colossal Arena: Rules Summary (#9) - BGG listing
  • I've had this game for a really long time - I think I got it at GenCon '04? I remember playing it back then, at least a partial game: we were in the airport, and there were a couple of other gamers going home after the con. We played on the floor.
  • Well, so I hadn't played it since. I just learned to play it again this past weekend, at That Boardgaming - thanks Rick! So I wanted to record this before I forgot again!
  • Simple rules, but I think there's a good game in there. It went over well the first time we played this weekend. I tried to teach it as the very last game of the weekend, to a group of REALLY tired players - that didn't go over so well! Brian, our typically s....l....o....w player, was typically slow. This game should play quickly!
  • Anyway, here it is ... a brief intro to the game. I didn't go over every power; that would be pointless (would you really remember it all?), and in any case the information is on the cards! So go try the game!


At October 16, 2006 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use the FFG alternate game ending rules. Much better.


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